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usha usha
starbucks guy

1. the acronym of the boys in which mr. cats is given.

2. judcats is to be stalked at any time necessary.

3.plus, we just love jud.
1.If only judcats was with us in D.C.

2.judcats is so darn wicked kickin'

3.most of the members of judcats can, and will be stalked.
by rachelyann July 18, 2004
1.to be of a minnesotian background

2.awesome in a way you can't understand

3.reverse gangsta-ness

4.general gangsta qualities
1.They are so gansta minnesotian!

2.We are gangstas from minnesota

3.Clump of gangsta minnesotians ahead
by rachelyann July 18, 2004
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