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a group of girls so painfully hott that it hurts, in a train pose. not to be confused with grinding because it isnt a lesbian type thing. its a "we're so sexy we just need to get in a hott line and be captains of bang trains" type thing.

BEWARE, there are those who try to make bang trains but they really arent legit trains because you have to be hott in order to make one (SO NO DANA HOES)
blake: hey, we're sexy and its lunchtime. lets make a hott bang train to use up some time. and take pictures.

darcy: sweet. lets.
by rachel NCDS 09 February 24, 2005
a name used to define a group of girls, or perhaps men, who are sexy and fun and friends...did i mention hott?

must perform bangtrains
must be hotter than an oven
must exceed 5 people
amy: hey wanna go to the movies on friday?
marya: sure, can the rest of the bang squad come?
by rachel NCDS 09 February 24, 2005

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