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a phrase that combines, "make bank" and "get the most bang for your buck." Often used by hipsters and wanna-be investment bankers (I-bankers).
I'm just here to network, party, and make bang - I Banker in Training
Then why didn't you go to Harvard? - Normal Person
by TheRegtastic November 07, 2010
Sexual intercourse or having sex
Brandon: hey baby want to make bang?
Liz: Yeah lets have sex!
by basdfljfas July 05, 2006
A euphanism for having sex. Generally used to describe a more "workman's approach" to the act. Best used to describe having sex with someone with which you have absolutely no emotional attachment. Can also be used in the in the past or current tense, for example:

made bang
making bang
I really want to "make bang" with that hot, red-headed sorority chick!
by A.D. Skinner April 12, 2010
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