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243 definitions by rachel

A male nanny. From the same roots as murse, a male nurse.
I felt uncomfortable letting a manny babysit my kid.
by Rachel July 29, 2004
488 409
Hard to get along with, troublesome
She was in a very cantankerous mood, and would not obey
by Rachel December 10, 2004
105 27
a female who dresses in masculine looking clothing (not nessasarily mens clothing)and acts and walks masculine.
wow, that lady walks like a butch! i think she is one!
by Rachel February 18, 2004
303 226
a student who attends Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York.
omg, you like to do your homework?! ur such a harrisite!
by rachel December 15, 2003
94 17
Small Forward for the Detroit Pistons. VERY cute and is well known for his big block against Reggie Miller's ALMOST tying layup, giving possession to Detroit to win the game. Also known as Tay. Kind of skinny, 6`9 and 215 lbs. Has a wingspan of 7`2. Was put to defend against Kobe in the 2004 Finals. Currently resides in Rochester.
IS that Tayshaun Prince? DAYUM! He's fine!

Tayshaun's blocks leave the other teams speechless.
by Rachel June 19, 2004
94 36
the annoying way to spell Rachel
Examples also include Rachael and Rachal
by Rachel February 02, 2004
452 394
ass hat a person with their head so far up their ass that they could wear it as a hat.
You sir are an asshat?!?!
by rachel January 01, 2005
201 144