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a female who dresses in masculine looking clothing (not nessasarily mens clothing)and acts and walks masculine.
wow, that lady walks like a butch! i think she is one!
by Rachel February 18, 2004
a student who attends Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York.
omg, you like to do your homework?! ur such a harrisite!
by rachel December 15, 2003
A male nanny. From the same roots as murse, a male nurse.
I felt uncomfortable letting a manny babysit my kid.
by Rachel July 29, 2004
A set of beliefs to explain life's questions. Religion does not mean Christianity, as there are many different religions, and different ways of following each. Contrary to what some think, religion does not cause wars or fighting, as most religions say that fighting is bad. It is, instead, the inability of people to cope with contradicting beliefs.
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Shintoism are all religions- each has different ways of answering questions such as, "What happens to our spirit when we die?", "Why are we here?", etc.
by rachel February 01, 2004
An event occuring when you bring all the cats into the bedroom and place them on the bed. This can be performed one cat at a time or en masse. Upon completion of said task, the challenge is to say: "Hey, it's a cat party!" before the kitties flee from the room.
Get the 'Pounce', it's a cat party.
by Rachel June 21, 2004
Small Forward for the Detroit Pistons. VERY cute and is well known for his big block against Reggie Miller's ALMOST tying layup, giving possession to Detroit to win the game. Also known as Tay. Kind of skinny, 6`9 and 215 lbs. Has a wingspan of 7`2. Was put to defend against Kobe in the 2004 Finals. Currently resides in Rochester.
IS that Tayshaun Prince? DAYUM! He's fine!

Tayshaun's blocks leave the other teams speechless.
by Rachel June 19, 2004
To be of high intelligence, and extreme hotness.
Wow, how awesomely awesome is Talene?!
by Rachel February 25, 2004
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