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a soaking or drenching that you get when you are standing too near a puddle of water through which a vehicle drives too fast, causing you to be heavily splashed.
I'm all wet because I was near a puddle of water when a bus drove by and gave me a street bath.
by rabidbilly January 24, 2012
The thing you make when some idiot is blowing up your phone and you happen to be in bed or on the couch and don't want to continue to be bothered but don't feel like messing with the phone to turn the ringer, off or decline the call, so you stuff it under the mattress or between cushions.
That was you calling last night? I thought it was that bitch Jill again about the ten dollars I owe her so I put you in a phone sandwich.
by rabidbilly May 17, 2014

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