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island nation governed by criminals
Marijuana has always played an important role in the history of Latin America. It is no secret that strife torn countries, having been subjected to decades of penury, boosted their GDP with proceeds from drug trafficing. Yet, what has gone unnoticed is the influence it has had on foreign policy. New evidence shows that in the sixties, latin american drug lords established cannabis plantations in hitherto unexplored south atlantic islands. Such islands, which were for long uninhabited saw a massive influx of immigrants in the mid eighties, the majority of them being employed in daily wage labour in plantations. Thriving business gave an impetus to industry and very soon, a consumer driven economy was established on islands such as Booga Booga Hooey. Yet, these islands remained separate from the government of the parent nation and contiued to be ruled by drug lords. A well oiled mob machinery runs these banana republics even today. Unless they are brought into the mainstream of globalisation, their contribution to the world economy will be lost. Hoarding of profits will continue and investment banks will fail. Severe credit crunches that could have been bailed out by these nations will endure and global warming will rise. It is indeed time the world sat up and took note of these mobisles.
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009
Exhibiting the characteristics of a baked roll; Breadlike.
Waiter, could I have something bunny to go with the soup?
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009
Early cenozoic era during which mammals such as beavers started appearing
When did squirrels evolove? I believe it was in the mid cenozoic era, immediately following the beaverage
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009
decoration in the shape of a furry animal that a girl can attach to her undergarments
That bunny on your strap looks neat. This ole thing? Its just a brabbit
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009

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