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One of the greatest bands ever to exist in the History of Rock Music, hitting the music seen with their debut album 'Brown Sabbath', Deja Voodoo shot up the charts with hits like 'Beers', and 'More Beers', 'P' and the famous 'We are Deja Voodoo'.

From the most shit country in the entire world, no other then New Zealand, Deja Voodoo have mass an impressive number of fans, even a few from the backward south island.

With a new album coming out in June, Deja Voodoo is set to become the best band in the world ever.

Also, one unloyal fan, by the name of Extreme, who didn't even go a Deja Voodoo concert that was about 15 minutes away should be noted, cause he's pathetic.
"Have you heard that awesome band?"
"Deja Voodoo?"
by rabbit_ March 12, 2005
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