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DOWN LOW see also D low--Hidden, concealed,secret.Specifically used to refer to covert male homosexual activity.Whether we're talking about guys who freak with their boys, or hustlers who are strictly "gay for pay" Thanks to homophobia, bigotry and all that bullshit in their communities they prefer to keep things quiet: On the DL.
"It's hard to stay on the DL when your girl catches you on the THUGZILLA web site at 3 o'clock in the morning"
by ra ra January 03, 2008
I'm surprised at y'all.Really. DL--"DownLow" ie: hidden,concealed. DL THUGZ (alternate spelling of "thugs") Are young men of the, shall we say: "urban" persuasion. Black,and, less frequently Latino. Who like to freak with other guys or are just "gay for pay". Due to all kinds of homophobia and bull shit in their own communities they prefer that this remain secrect, hidden ie"on the Down Low" just an" urban contemporary" update to the old notion of "Rough Trade"
"are you going to Jeremy's party? there's gonna be all kindsa DL Thugz there!"
by ra ra January 03, 2008
DL "Down Low" hidden, concealed secretive. However, recently "DL" is used to refer to covert male homosexual activity. specfically in the Black community.An "urban comtemporary" version of "In the closet"
I feel bad for Jane/Tamika she's about to have Dick's/Jamal's baby. She doesn't know he's :In the closet/On the D low.
by ra ra January 03, 2008
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