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Two funny Japanese guys on YouTube! Rant on about subjects they like and dislike, end up smashing their parents glasses and stuff.
Nigahiga are two funny guys.
by r4cial January 14, 2008
Commonly known as 'Peace Be Upon Him', but we all know thats a load of crap on toast! It really means 'Penis Be Up Him'
This Example is for PBUH
by r4cial November 22, 2007
The funniest guy in school, unlike people called Tom. Normally Italian but looks Jewish. Own's Isaac at Halo3
That Beniamino fella' is awesome at Halo3!
by r4cial January 03, 2008
Someone who has a big ass. Mainly used with women.
Dude, shes Suboulcious!
by r4cial November 22, 2007
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