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the place i stick my meat torpedo in.
i want to ram my cock in your wet girlhole
by r00t December 27, 2003

1. Amounting to or consisting of a number.

n. (used with a pl. verb)

1. An undetermined amount.
2. The amount of the people.

pron. (used with a pl. verb)

1. A number of persons or things.
There was umptysquat people here today.
A umptysquat number of the workers had the flu.
I have umptysquat signed up today.
by r00t January 27, 2005
either ...

a) a form of meat lasagna with meatballs in it.


b) something you do to someones forehead with your scrotum sack.
would you like some ballsagna?
by r00t December 27, 2003

1. Grave in quality or manner.
1. Carried out in earnest: engaged in serious drinking.
2. Deeply interested or involved.
3. Designed for and addressing grave and earnest tastes: serious art.
4. Not trifling or jesting.
5. Of considerable size or scope; substantial.
6. Of such character or quality as to appeal to the expert, the connoisseur, or the sophisticate.
3. Concerned with important rather than trivial matters.
1. Being of such import as to cause anxiety.
2. Too complex to be easily answered or solved.
He gave me a cerially look
by r00t February 04, 2005
Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Turn Based Role Play Game
MMRTTBSRPG Does Non Need An Example
#role #play #game #turn #real
by r00t April 27, 2007
A cluster shithole restaurants in Northern Virginia.
As I was walking out of Champps Rest. and Bar, I saw a rat proudly eating a hamburger and waving me goodbye.
by r00t June 17, 2003
Check Your Fucking Email
Drew, go CYFE if you cant remember.
#check your email #email #check #your email #e-mail
by r00t November 14, 2005
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