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A very oppositely-stereotypical version of a black guy that is around the high school age, a guy who is in fact African-American by origin but plays video games and shares many characteristics of the stereotypically "nerdy white kid." The blackadain usually plays a paladin in games that feature the class, because in Diablo II(Blizzard) the Palidin was the only black guy....then the animated TV series South Park made an episode where the only black kid was a paladin.
My nakka: "Hey blackadin, wana roll to the club ta'night and check out the bangin hoes?!?!?!"

Blackadin: "No man, got a raid tonight....besides mom said that my blood-sugar is to low to 'be rollin' with you guys...."

My nakka: "Man blackadin, you act like a punk-ass white kid!"
#gamer #white #kid #paladin #nerdy
by r-tard June 22, 2007
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