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A secret society said to be based on the west coast. 7 members a year are accepted, and only seniors in college are eligible. Member candidates apparently begin the selection process after graduating high school.

Candidates can be identified through silver rings on their middle fingers. Members and alumni are permanently marked.

Goals of the Secret Seven involve aiding one another and influencing the political climate to their liking
Steven Spielberg and John W. Snow are rumored alumni of the Secret Seven. Of course the validity of these accusations are unknown.
by r-o-b August 16, 2006
A bunch of rich snobby people who do nothing but pretend to conspire. 7 new members a year, 7 new alumni a year. candidqates are identified through silver rings and/or tats. Members are indentified through some unknown marking.
i was invited to join the secret 7 but i told them to get lost!
by r-o-b August 16, 2006
thieves of the sea. They have boats and rob yo ass!!
argh! i am jack sparrow and i am a pirate
by r-o-b August 16, 2006
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