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A noun - Found in catholic boarding schools, Stumpfs tend to roam freely giving detentions for most often minor infractions. Distinct qualities of a Stumpf may include, but are not limited to: a large chest, overwhelming virginity, a snotty attitude, long pointless lectures, an obsession with the security of lockers, and an overall lack of humor.
A verb - (to stumpf)
Used to indicate when a person has seriously gotten their ass raped.
"Oh shit! Tuck in your shirt quick, I see a Stumpf!"
"I heard Billy got seven detentions for having his shirt untucked.Yeah man, he got stumpfed."
by r-e-d March 31, 2008
Adj- To be beyond the point of ignint. Someone (something) who is nignint is too stupid to be described simply as ignint.
Noun- A nignint is a being that is nearly brain-dead and communicates only through ebonics.
Adj- "I heard Josh tried to sell some crack to the police, but on the way to the cop car he tripped and fell on his pipe."
"Shit, dude's nignint."
Noun- "Sup mothafucka, where da gol be?"
"Are you a nignint or something? I can't understand a word you're saying."
by r-e-d June 27, 2008

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