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congratulations everyone! you can stereotype!

anyway, this sport does take skill. if you think its easy then try going 200 mph in close proximity with 42 other cars where 1 mistake will cause a huge wreck. not only that, you have to go in the turns at the right angle and right speed. besides, at watkins glen and infineon they turn right.
so before you bash shit read a fucking book.

one more thing, this "redneck inbred" thing, inbreeding is fucking ILLEGAL and i have never heard of a "redneck" who was australian or colombian or even italian. have you? didn't think so. so for fuck's sake stop stereotyping. how would you like it if i said that F1 was for gay french people? wouldn't like it too much now would you?
NASCAR does take skill so go ahead and try if you think its so easy.
by qwqwqwq121 June 24, 2010

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