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Defintion; Minger

Why? No one is sure! we predict Tara is a secret society of girls with birth defects.

Year were they all went wrong:
Year 10.
this is obvious! the bitching is incredible, its not school in year 10. Expect to see these girls become Mcslaves in the next 10-15 years. the amount of dead beats is hilarious! I'm sure the ditzy humour of this grade will cease to make us happy for a longggg time. god bless the weirdos.

Common Terms: Tara tarts, they all think it's cool to be a tara tart, but I think we all know better!

Outfit: one word. SUPRE

Daily Routine: bitch about every second person to come into your view. This has become something to be continued through decades! theres no such thing as a girl from Tara, who doesnt make 100 assumptions about another person in a split second.

Where are they from?!
there is no answer to this question!
a long shot guess, probably supre.

Typical Tart phrases:
- omg u slut! u totally did him 10 mins after i did him!
- Lets all start drinking to fit in!
- that looks totally better on me!
- have i been out with him yet?
- am i drunk yet?
- is it in yet?

Tara anglican school for girls
things of the past to be remembered in the future-

the epademic of the drinking girls

the sudden interest in the soccer

Steph M and her monobrow, or the monobrow and Steph.

not naming names, hypothetical 'amy' and 'charles'

and finally, im sure we are all very aware
consists of numerous girls! watch out. they r HUGE
by qwertyqwert July 31, 2006
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