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Probably one of the best schools in Howard County people wise. The school is a shithole though. It's dirty and old and you'd probably think that the roof is about to come crashing down on you as soon as you step foot in it. You got your preps, your punky skater kids, the smelly gothic people, the asians (they stick together), the easterners, the "poor" black people who are nonexistent because they live in Columbia, (They think being poor is cool, yet they wear $500 shoes and "bling bling") the nerds, jocks, and ofcourse the followers who all want to be part of some group. Its more of a mixing pot than their rival school River Hill, which consists of all asian and white people, with maybe one black person per grade. But A-Town is the best school because we kick ass and you dont. Were better, and thats final.
Atholton High School is the best
by qwerty89876 September 20, 2005
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