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A commonly undiagnosed disorder in which a subject must go through life trapped in an emotional minefield of their own creation. Too many disasterous mistakes resulting from the subject's attempts to interact with the landscape surrounding them will usually result in a severely decreased will to act at all in any obviously expressable manner in particular, sometimes manifested as cold social apathy. Within this socially crippled state, the mind seems to mysteriously compensate by responding with a defense mechanism of intensely attuned perceptive sensitivity and analytical prowess which borders on obsessiveness. Because of this, subjects may often be viewed as highly irritable, insanely complex, or at times annoyingly condescending and arrogant.
You feel trapped in the endless frustration of existing in an environment which is unable to comprehend your inability to understand the inexplicable mystery behind what moves them on a seemingly basic level
by qwertie March 02, 2005

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