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the WWF Invasion PPV held by Titan Sports,Inc. on July 9th 2001 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Alternatively Called WWF vs WCW/ECW InVasion - Anarchy, Betrayal, Unholy Alliance
voiceover: And now...Playstation presents WWF vs WCW ECW InVasion

advertisement: WWF Invasion, tonight 8/7c live on pay-per-view
by quintessentialstudmuffin June 18, 2006
Phrase used by Extreme Championship Wrestling Broadcaster Joel Gertner as a self-loving Innuendo as a line quoted to Ladies to impress them.

Quintessential Studdmuffin literally translates as 'The Perfect/Best Attractive Promiscious Gentleman'.
Gertner: Well, Well, Well, 'tis I, the Quintessential Studdmuffin... Joel 'your girlfriend has me on her speed-dial because she loves the way I Star 69 her' Gertner
by quintessentialstudmuffin June 18, 2006

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