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Its not a college, its a country club. The home of every rich white kid imaginable, where maid and laundry service is a necesity. Quinnipiac is said to have a racial problem, hmmm i wonder why? Maybe because everybody that goes there is white, rich, hot, and spoiled! Home of the hottest chicks, and preppy boys. Everybody that goes there is from jersey or long island, and everybody seems to be the same. Home of the bobcats, whom have been undefeated in football since 1928. Ice hockey is the sport of choice here, which is quite ironic because thats a white mans sport.
How do you know your a Quinnipiac University?
1.) Hot girls
2.) you feel like your at a Abercrombie or Juicy fashion show
3.) Everyone is rich
4.) it feels like a country club
by quinnipiac April 17, 2006

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