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Holly's are sometimes hard to come by, but when you find one you must take your chance and never let them go.

-They have huge bright eyes which you could stare into forever and thick lush hair.
-They are loud and fun to be around. They make any day bright and exciting.
-They love to have fun, enjoying dancing, singing and being silly.
-They make your heart melt and your jaw drop with there pure beauty and bubble personality.
-Its near impossible to hate a holly.They are beautiful in every way.
guy1 "I can't stop thinking about Holly"
guy2 "I know your pain"
by quimy9 May 05, 2010
The feeling of ultimate happiness that only Holly can bring on. If your 'Happiness' was caused by Holly then you call it 'Holliness'. Not many people get to experience holliness but those who have say its one of the greatest feelings a human can have.
Person1: "How are you feeling this afternoon?"
Person2: "I'm filled with holliness and on top of the world!"
by quimy9 July 01, 2010

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