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a store that actually got kicked out of my town because the meat quality was so poor...
me: it sucks there no taco bell here
friend: you know they got kicked out because of thier meat right?
me: meh sitll worth it
by quiksliver September 29, 2006
1. usually said when excited

2. a kid-friendly way of saying "shit"
1. Peter griffen: ohhh ohhh ohhh SHIZZZAAAAMMMM

2. Oh shizam
by quiksliver September 24, 2006
a wrong way of spelling poseur if anyone you know spells it like this, they are the real poseur
MSN conversation

friend one- man that bob is such a poser

Friend two- wtf its poseur nub

*friend 2 e-slaps friend 1*
by quiksliver September 24, 2006
german for "no" and yes all three other definitions suck...
"want some cake?"
by quiksliver September 28, 2006
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