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When a guy gets out of a pool and his balls are so shriveled up that they are the size of squirrel nuts.
I hate how I always have squirrel nuts after I get out of the pool.
#testicals #balls #nuts #squirrel #swimming #wet
by quest?onmyidentity September 09, 2007
An unwritten book about laws that males must abide by.
1. Don't date your bestfriend's ex.
2. Don't backstab your bestfriend.
3. Bros before hoes.
4. Talk about girl's tits and twats a lot so you don't look gay.
5. Never joke about a guy's sister or mom.
6. Ball tap someone back for revenge.
And so on...
Greg went against the male handbook. He is dating Katelyn even though his bestfriend Andrew broke up with her in the Spring.
#male rules #guy's laws #code #laws #rules #unwritten facts
by quest?onmyidentity September 09, 2007
When a male's sperm is infertile. Usually caused by excessive ball tapping, punching, and kicking of the testis.
I heard Peter is shooting darts even since I whacked him in the balls with that hammer.
#infertile #sperm #penis #excessive ball tapping #conceive #testis
by quest?onmyidentity September 09, 2007
excessive ball tapping. When a guy always has to whack another guys balls.
Cameron must have E.B.T., because he has hit me in the balls 5 times today. 3 of the times was while I was sitting on the crapper. He likes hitting more balls than a golfer.
#excessive ball tapping #ball tapping #flicking nuts #whacking #balls
by quest?onmyidentity September 09, 2007
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