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verb. the action of quickly and fluidly moving a motor vehicle from outside lane to exit or vice versa, usually without aid of a signal.
You don't see too much freeway surfing on the I-5 anymore...just north of the grapevine.
by quassel September 15, 2006
noun. a dangerous driver. Self-centered, makes sudden lane changes, doesn't signal, passes on right, will 'close the gap' if you signal to pass someone and would eventually pull in front of him/her, passes 3 cars at once on one lane road with on-coming traffic, will pull into a parking spot you're waiting for...freeway surfer. Usually drives an older model BMW that was bought used. (not always, but likely, of type A Blood group)
Watch it, that idiot's a type a!
by quassel September 15, 2006
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