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1 definition by qsefthuko

Very possibly the best video game in the history of mankind, existence and the universe. If you haven't heard of this game you don't use your brain, you probably use your arse; or worse you are a poet. If you do not know of Oblivion a secret organisation whose name I cannot expose will come around to your place of residence and feed your balls to the dogs of hell or spray insect repellent in your eyes or insert spasm juice into your blood stream.

And if you have heard of it you are blessed by the Infinite Power Of Christ.

So you are either chosen by the messiah or you have a death wish.
Superman: Dude, Oblivion Rocks!!

Jesus: Oh yeah man.

A Spasm ridden Leper: Whats Oblivion Dudes?

Superman: Lol... Wait you serious?

Jesus:Oh lord, give me strength, give me strength to kick this noobs ass!
by qsefthuko August 01, 2009