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1. A place or group of individuals in which the vast majority are male

2. A male dominated situation

* It is derived from the phrase "Total Sasauge Fest"

Guy1: "Dude, lets go to Chris's party on Saturday"

Guy2: "No way dude, I hear its guna be Turtle Sauce"
by qbnbountyhunter March 31, 2008
When some one is not able to inhale smoke and struggles with it (i.e coughing and wheezing while smoking)

The main cause of Pussy Lung is a low tolerance to smoke. Pussy Lung can usually be cured by smoking regularly.
Dude 1- "Kyle was hitting the hookah when all of a sudden he started coughing and wheezing and shit, the poor kid almost threw up"

Dude 2- "Looks like hes got a case of Pussy Lung"

Dude 1- "You got that right"
by qbnbountyhunter August 11, 2008

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