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Central Processing Unit.

A CPU is basically the brains of your computer. Without a CPU, your computer would be an expensive paperweight.
I'm still running an Intel Celeron 500MHz CPU.
by Qbert October 28, 2003
A type of modem that relies on a computer's CPU, software, and the Windows operating system to work. Winmodems are known to be system resource hogs, and usually come with buggy drivers causing system instability.

Though Winmodems are intended to be used with the Windows operating system, there are Linux drivers available. Regardless of what you may read or hear, Winmodems are not real modems.
Controller-based modems are superior to Winmodems because they don't rely on your computer's CPU or operating system to work.
by Qbert February 08, 2005
One of Tom Petty's best album to date. "Wildflowers" was released in late 1994, and became an instant hit album. The album contained the songs "You Don't Know How It Feels", "Honey Bee", "You Wreck Me", "It's Good to be King", "Wildflowers", "House in the Woods", and many other great songs.
Some Tom Petty fans feel "Wildflowers" was Tom Pety's last great album.
by Qbert October 22, 2004
totally fucking suite. one time, me and ytcracker smoked mad marlboro reds and hollered at batman on the batman phone. do not front, because even if you're jealous, you've got to come to the realization that you're a hater. must suck to be an aohaxor and never make a name for yourself :)
ytcracker pwned my box and my girlfriend's, too.
by qbert April 05, 2005
A brand new email service by Google that offers 1GB of email storage. Gmail is currently in its early stages, but when it finally goes mainstream, its gonna blow Hotmail and Yahoo's mail services offline!
Who does a guy have to fuck around here in order to get a Gmail invite!?!
by Qbert August 01, 2004
GetMem() is the Turbo Pascal/Delphi equivalent to C/C++'s malloc() function; which is used for dynamic memory allocation in computer programming.
When the C programmer whipped out malloc(), the Pascal programmer whipped out GetMem() in defense.
by Qbert June 06, 2005
How someone from Boston pronounces "Cops"
I'm gonna call the cahps on ya.
by Qbert July 30, 2004
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