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The service provided by America Online ™ which is plagued by slow downloads, dropped connections, long dial-up times, and less-then-great customer service. Now overly priced service for Grannies with new computers who picked up a free cd at the grocery store.
I gotta get rid of aohell and get me some DSL.
'F#@%ing Aohell... I was 14 seconds from finishing a download and I got dropped.
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
A partial loss of power similar to a blackout, but with less intensity. May cause lights to flicker, electronic devices to turn on/off spontaneusly, etc.
See brownout
California, in the midst of a constant energy crisis, is apt to have brown outs, especially during the summer.
by pythonspam May 24, 2004
The termination of a countdown. Afterwards, time is denoted by 't plus <amount of time>'
We are at t minus zero. We have ignition and liftoff.
by pythonspam May 13, 2004
Klingon for: Success
Also Used to express 'Eureka' or the 'Absence of Failure'
Slang: Can be used to mean 'Abracadabra' or 'Kazaam' when performing magic tricks
"Kaplah! William Shatner is finally dead!"
"Kaplah, I have found it!"
"Kaplah! Its a Rabbit!"
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
To ask somebody to marry, usually from the male to the female, often on bended knee with an engagement ring.
See: the question
My jaw dropped when Danny popped the question.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
Redneck slang for 'Georgia', without negative connotation like 'Bama'
You jawja boys are some of the nicest, most respectful southern fellers I's ever met.
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
1) Pictograph representing a word, expression, or idea
2) Individual or thing which represents a group, i.e. mascot, etc.
See: symbolism or symbolic
1) Giving someone the finger is the universal symbol for 'F#@% you' or 'F#*& off'.
2) The Bald eagle is one of our national symbols.

alt) Ever Since Prince turned himself into a Symbol.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
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