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Radio DJ on BBC Radio 1 who's real job it is to bridge the gap between the multi-billion pound British music industry and the British Public's wallets, just like every other presenter and DJ and BBC Radio 1 itself.

Regularly lies on air about how she wants to promote new, alternative unsigned music but instead frequently plays the next regurgitated indie bullshit that EMI records have decided is going to be the next best thing.
"Hi I'm Jo Whiley. Alternative Music is great, as long as it something that would be appropriate at the beginning of Hollyoaks, otherwise i'm not interested, and nor should you be."
by pwrpete May 05, 2009
An emo band from the UK, whos fanbase consist of teenagers in denial of what their genre is, who will go to great lengths to advertise the band on such websites as www.urbandictionary.com, in the hope that a person who is not a fan of their music will be converted by visiting their website and seeing their clearly un-emo song titles.

The band attempts to increase their reputation within the heavy metal community by covering songs by heavy metal bands, and turning up at inappropriate heavy metal festivals where it is quickly apparent they don't belong.

Bullet For My Valentines biggest financial weakness is it's fans, who are unable to fathom that their favourite band is in the genre of Emo; although their album sales are substantial enough to keep them is business, a large percentage of their fans aren't able to get permission from their parents to go see them in concert.
Person A: *listening to music*

Person B: what you listening to?

Person A: Bullet For My Valentine. They're the best band ever, even though I won't listen to anything else. Visit their website.

Person B: No thank you, I don't want to visit their website.

Person A: Shut up! They're not emo, you're emo! I hate you.
by pwrpete May 02, 2009

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