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In 1974 the world came under crisis. N00bs everywhere were infiltrating the l33t headquarters cuz they were like total n00bs n shit rite so in order to identify the n00bs from the pwnerers a device was invented called the N00BOMETER.....also the terminator had to go back in time to save John Connor.
<L33t> Dang! another hs! those n00bs are so fast!!
<l33t #2> Chill d00d i just bought a n00bometer
by pwnerer January 20, 2005
n00beaurate is the female version of a n00b. It just so happens that in real life there are sum pretty n00bish gals hangin around so we l337 d00ds invented a name for em, hence n00beaurates.
Kyle> Sup man how was your date with tiffany yesterday?
Jeremy> Na man it sucked hard..i totally beat her at zero hour n stuff rite....so she left all like bored n shit...that n00beaurate.
by pwnerer February 15, 2005

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