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When two people get naked and have ALOT of fun. Usually boy-girl, sometimes boy-boy or girl-girl
Marc had just come home from a long business trip. He burst through the door, and kissed Anna, his wife who just happened to be standing nearby. "You wouldn't want to know what I had to go through" said Marc. "oh, but you will have to go through one more thing." replied Anna, smiling. She then led him to their bedroom, never breaking their kiss. They flopped on to their bed, still kissing. Marc slowly reached up under Anna's shirt and stroked her soft skin. This lasted for about 10 seconds. Then, slowly, Marc reached up and took Anna's top off, revealing two breasts under a lovely black lace bra. He took a deep breath in her boobs, taking in the succulent smell of them. Anna then removed his shirt and fingered his muscular body. They kept kissing, having moved on to French kisses while Marc massaged Anna's boobs and she fingered him, both were breathing deeply. Marc then turned around, still on the top and began to unbutton Anna's jeans. Anna did the same and lifted his cock out of his boxers. Marc then ate every single candy off her candy thong, then snapped the string that held it together. The thong came apart easily. both of them moaned in pleasure, both also on the verge of cumming. Anna pulled his cock under her bra and through her cleavage, and then started to give him a blowjob. After a few seconds, she could feel the cum flowing through her mouth. She swallowed it all, then, with a smile on her face, gripped his cock, and pushing it so hard up, snapped her bra in two. Marc moaned as the waves of pleasure flooded him once again. He then turned around and start massaging her boobs, this time with no bra to interfere while at the same time, thrusting his cock in and out of Anna's vagina. "oooh, baby, YEAH, DO IT DO IT," screamed Anna as both of them cummed. Marc then turned around again and ate her out. Then they fell asleep in each others arms, tired after their wonderful sex.
by pwndogger September 21, 2008

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