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a nickname that is most often given to people who are good at games. The people that use this derogatory statement are either
A: People that look down on video games as geeky and call gamers people with no lives (ironically these are most likely the people who work at some fast food resturaunt making minimum wage)
B: Clingy annoying girlfriends who hate the fact that you spend a little bit of your time everyday to play games instead of talking to them.
C: A jealous noob who gets pwned in every single match and calls the pros nerds to make him feel better about himself.
loser: you have no life! at least i have a job and a gf!
video game nerd: you work at Burger King and your gf is fat..

annoying gf: you have no life you nerd! stop playing your damn game and talk to me!
nerd: shut the hell up you clingy bitch

jealous noob: the reason you guys are so good is because you have no life and do nothing but play video games!
nerd: no. the reason you suck is because you have no talent and your pretty much just a giant nub
by pwnbot9000 March 09, 2010

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