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3 definitions by puddle

SOAD are the best band there has ever been and ever will be!
Nobody in the whole world can top them!
System are NOT pop! In anyway or form...yes they have been on MTV a few times that dont make them pop!
Anybody willing to slag them off at all! Will be shot!
System of a down is such a good band:p
by Puddle May 11, 2004
Somebody who tries to be a mosher/goth but cant due to not entering a mosh pit!
'my mum wont let me go to a mosh pit... looks like i will have to be a new breed' lol thats not right!
by Puddle March 04, 2004
Also known as Sarah! lmao....name given by her hair...spider shortened to spiddy which was shortened to spid!
heya spid :s
by puddle March 29, 2004