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What you do at night
Peter: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
Teacher: Because you touch yourself at night!
by puddingking April 12, 2004
One who complains about being too skinny, and only eats peas and energy drinks.
WTF? Fatty's turning into an NS Gnome.
by puddingking April 13, 2004
"Yayfome" was first used by the Brits. It's earliest occurence is 1743, where an Earl shouted "DUDE! You just YAYFOME'D that n00b bitch!" Yayfome in latin literally means "Pwner of bitch ass n00bs". See The Great Yay
Dude. Did you see Yayfome pwn those n00bs the other day? He pulverized them! I wish he would have my children.
by puddingking April 22, 2004
Backstabber; one who gives, and takes away without notice several months later
Taur stole my account and gave it to the guy I hate.
by puddingking April 12, 2004
Awesome user who resides at the Final Fantasy X Social Board at www.gamefaqs.com . Can usually be seen pwning helpless n00bs as they try to flame him. See Yayfome
All hail The Great Yay!
by puddingking April 22, 2004

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