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2 definitions by publican

a relativley minor use term used as code by people who you wouldn't think smoke dope . common to an age of near fifty and professionally succesfull, most often middle class, bored, fat, balding white men, with too much time on their hands. a first letters transposed, mis-spelling. but the meaning is clear. west coast canadian. used by those who can't have it known that they were young once, those who commonly say "do as i say not as i do"
i had a crappy day at the shop today and a drink just won't do. i think a little lean grief is all i can take tonight. how about you?
by publican September 12, 2009
something you would say or scream at the tv when you see one of those self-important designers explaining the "che" of the dump they just redesigned. also to be used in person when some overblown, braindead idiot goes on and on about how their sty is much more in harmony than your palace.
my god man, did you really just say that that's the wrong plant for my personality? you are one feng shuanal moron. now get the f--- out of my pub.
by publican September 21, 2009