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When someone asks how many national championships does your college football team have and then says the college football team their a fan of has more national championships than your team does. It's usually a pointless attempt to say their team is good at that point in time because the roster their team had when they were winning has no relation to the roster their team has now. Deductively it's an epic fail, but may or may not partially be inductively sound. It's a common argument made by Alabama fans when Auburn fans try to say how good the Tigers are for the year, but can be used with any school that has won more national championships than a fierce rival.
State fan: "U of M sucks scrotum this year".
U of M fan: "Yeah? How many national championships does State have?"
State fan: "None, but Kirk Cousins shat on you guys last year and he'll do it again".
State Fan: "Drop the Alabama argument. You guys are still going to play like you sucked a fart out of my ass like a hit from a water bong"

Punches and rioting may follow
by pterygoid hamulus September 14, 2011

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