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A drinking game played like regular wiffleball baseball. The most prominent rule of the game is that players must always have a can in their hand. If an out is made by a player with two open hands this out does not count. Batting must be done with a beer in the batter's hand and if the batter strikes the can out of his/her own hand the player must perform a shotgun. A new beer must be opened for each at bat, and a runner cannot score unless he/she finishes the beer before reaching home plate. If a runner reaches home plate before finishing their beer, it counts as an out. All normal baseball rules are followed, except if a runner is struck with the wiffleball while off base they are considered out. Games consist of 10-20 players. Typical games are played until the beer has all been drunk. Most epic Wiffle-Beer games have forgotten scores and everyone involved walks off the field a winner. Shit Talking is a must, esp. when runners projectile vomit.
Dick- Man, I'm going to have to take a nap before tonight's party, that 2PM wiffle-beer game kicked my ass!

Jane- Dick, you're a pussy.
by psylemon November 02, 2011

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