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Beeing Vollafied.
Psychotic behaviour.
I'm so vollafied.
Volla...shut up..
by psycom December 31, 2004
A state of Government in which Kiwis pwn j00 and are ran by a maniacal Kiwi Overload, usually named Mahalis
Kiwiarchy pwns you!
L33T Pixie Stick land is overrun by kiwiarchy.
by psycom December 31, 2004
energetic person with aditude.
On line problem.
Sign of Selfloving
I volt the bolt!

I had a voltbolt last night.
by psycom December 31, 2004
It is a group Kasou Rah (Raba2) founded, along with Rama~Swarm (known as Kaosu Duce, or just Duce). Swert of Mastra helped, too. They are a group of people that joined together against abusive administrators. They were originally 3, then 5... They started to grow. Now the Kaosu Buntai has resigned with 24 members.
The Kaosu Buntai was here.
Ph34r the Kaosu Buntai.
The Kaosu Buntai loves you.
by psycom December 31, 2004

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