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A word to describe someone extremely cool and attractive. Must also have a way with the ladies.
(usually used as a noun, but can also be an adjective and occasionally a verb)
Guy 1: Hey dude I got two bj's last night.
Guy 2: Really? You're like nobbs, man!
by psycolope March 20, 2009
a phrase taken from the popular video of the black people seeing a leprechaun in alabama, originally said in the context "i just wanna know where da gold at"

when used in conversation, "gold" can mean anything that one wants to be kept secret from others, but is most often code for weed or booze
it also sounds completely ghetto
Jon: "Hey man where da gold at?"
Aaron: "At my house man, don't worry"
by psycolope October 19, 2010

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