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A person that makes hilarious comments that make no sense at any location, any time of day. This person is also very tech savvy, and can salvage, and make suprisingly good repairs to, any piece of technology. Any actions by Tech On the Road are known as teching.

The person is also often quite deft. A Common nickname for Tech On The Road is: "The Zap." The zap finishes all of his work and repairs at impressive speeds. He also finishes other things at very impressive speeds, the latter of which he is not particularly proud of. However, the excessive amounts of swag and tech-on-the-road-esque character is stand-alone very impressive and thus makes up for the above minor setback. The official tech-on the road apparel consists of smelly, overused dress shoes, a consequence of excessive teching, and a yellow burton jacket, the result of a clearance sale. This is one of tech-on-the-road's many costumes.

Common Nicknames for a tech on the road: The Toche, Brosha, the Zap, Joe.
Random: "Hey, why isn't excel giving me the line of best fit?"

Tech on the road: "Dude you have to click and do this *action*."

Random Observer: "AYOOOO, TECH ON THE ROADDD."

Tech on the road: "No problem, they call me the zap."

Random Observer 2: "Because he finishes so quickly!"

Random Observer 3: "Riiiighhhtttttttt!?!"
by pstas April 29, 2011

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