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The extreme nerdbonics translation of "ownage". Originally the "o" was replaced by "p" to "pwnage" through typos via IRC. Further metamorphasis of the word include "pwnd" (owned) and this word, "pwnij".
Man, every time I play sof2, its total pwnij.
by psilo December 21, 2004
The official language of gamers who have taken the shortening of words and the use of symbols / numbers to replace letters to idiotic heights.
Bl@ck_@$$@$$1N - OMG u ju5t g0t pnd by a n00b!!!1
by psilo December 21, 2004
a hippie who's just a bit off his rocker, ie. a few too many doses at some point in thier life.
Dont listen to TrashCan over there, he's a blasted wing nut.
by psilo December 21, 2004

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