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Is a ‘word’, or more correctly, a pseudoword which looks like it is a real word, but actually has no precise or logical definition. It is easy to pronounce, and this also helps to make it sound like it is real. However, given that its precise definition is unknown to both the lay and academic individual, it can be correctly deemed a nonsensical phrase and is used as a means to demonstrate linguistic distinction and prestige despite the latter and former not being true.
We had a difficult time understanding the colloqualised language.
by Pseudoword October 31, 2014
An organization where "he who yells the loudest, wins", where ideas are adopted based on how passionately they're argued, not on the merits of the idea.
My last startup was such a yellitocracy; good ideas never seemed to get heard.
by pseudoword January 24, 2011

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