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2 definitions by pseudonyman

1. When your recording a video and your cat happens towalk by, and all the comments to your video are:"I like the cat" or other cat tings meaning they could care less about what yoou where doing.

2. When you go to pet your cat and it hisses and ownz you.
1. p1: The best part is the cat lol
p2: awwww that cat is so cute
p3: Own3d by Cat lolz XD

2. Me: Damn all i did was pet you
Cat: Own3d!
by pseudonyman July 24, 2008
A group of Mexican gangster and Hooligans, that go around harrassing other people that are usually weaker or alone.
Them Mexigangooligans fucking came and jumped me because there were more of them. Fucking Border Bunny Bitches.
by Pseudonyman July 10, 2008