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1. One whose musical talents are most important for one in a band. They keep time, accent the other players, offer moral support, and look sexy all at the same time during a show. Also the only band member whose instrument is physically tiring.

2. One who's good at banging, and not just drums.

3. Someone who thinks they can play drums but really can't. They are often quite stupid, and are unable to figure out when others don't want them around. They're loud, obnoxious, and give a bad name to other drummers. If you're one of these, then stop, because you will lose all friends and family due to your plague of stupidity.
1. Boy: Have you seen Rush's drummer, Neil Peart? He's so talented!

Girl: Who's Rush?

2. Boy: Travis Barker can play drums like such a boss.

Girl: He can play my vag any day of the week.

3. Boy: God whats that racket?

Girl: Oh its just Lars Ulrich being a drummer. He'll calm down in a few hours.
by pseudononymous12345 June 16, 2011

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