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Stonehill is a selective Catholic college located near Boston on a beautiful 375-acre campus in Easton, Massachusetts. With a student:faculty ratio of 13:1, the College engages over 2,300 students in 80+ rigorous academic programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and pre-professional fields. The Stonehill community helps students to develop the knowledge, skills, and character to meet their professional goals and to live lives of purpose and integrity.

Stonehill is ranked among the top national liberal arts colleges for how well its students learn through internships and study abroad, for having some of the happiest students in the U.S., and for how involved students are on campus. 97% of graduates over the past 5 years were either employed, in graduate school, or in a volunteer program 1 year after graduation.
Student: "I attend Stonehill College!"

Friend: "That's awesome! I heard that is a really nice school!"
by pseudoanth April 11, 2011

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