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2 definitions by pseudo-NYM

A pro-life activist who sees abortion for what it really is - a way for men to keep controlling women, and for rich white people to keep the black population in control. Also poses as a minor in various sting operations to expose the true colors of Planned Parenthood in regards to child abuse. Love or hate her, you can't ignore her.
"Hi, I'm this 15 year old girl's pimp, and she got pregnant. What do you suggest?"
"Get an abortion and don't tell anybody."
15 days later....
"Congrats, you're on youtube!"
"Lila Rose? Fuuuuuuuuu....."
by pseudo-nym May 30, 2012
a sterling companion, of impeccable breeding and agreeable demeanour.
you are, by all standards, a donkey
by pseudo-NYM March 19, 2004