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5 definitions by proto

A tall faggoty geek with little to no muscle mass. Generally found to masturbate too much with their strange long gorilla like arms.
Proto is lerpy.
by proto August 28, 2003
A soda siphon or whipped cream charger used to inhale nitrous oxide. A small metal canister (the bulb) is screwed into a chamber on the side of the bulberator in which it is cracked, filling the canister with N2O. This is then inhaled to produce short lasting dissasociative / hallucinogenic effects.
"Time to crack out the nitrous . . . Where's my bulberator?"
by proto February 24, 2004
When one nipple goes north and the other south (like John Travolta's hands in in the movie Saturday Night Live)
Disco Tits = (*)(.)
by Proto July 22, 2012
a fat fucking mexican whom I love with all my heart
omfg influx marry meh!
by proto August 28, 2003
Taking it in the ass while drunk.
Man, some one pulled a proto on me last night at that party.
by proto June 01, 2003