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Those who police the police.
Lisa: If you're the police, who will police the police?

Homer: I dunno. Coast Guard.
by propensity May 25, 2004
$5 a month version of Fark.com. Access to more articles, civilized and humorous repartee, valuable advice threads and regular Drew Curtis and Wil Wheaton visits.

The Internet Evolution:

- TotalFarkers
- Something Awful Goons
- Fark-liters
- Slashdotters
- Mildew
- Dog hair
- UrbanDictionary.com regulars who post about their friends and their fake sexual experiences with single subject-verb sentences
- Live Journal Attention Whores
- assistant crack Whore

There is no UltraFark.
If SomethingAwful is the state university, TotalFark is the Ivy League.
by propensity July 05, 2004
There is no UltraFark. TotalFarkers caught talking about it ++++**NO CARRIER**++++
They say the Illumaniti run UltraFark. I for one say it is imaginary. Before I die please tell my family I lo
by propensity July 05, 2004

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