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a dedicated listener to any kind of metal music. is thouht to be angry and violent and evil, but is less likely to kill than a rapper. DOES NOT require the hair or gear, but must respect the genre for its music and not its image.
metalhead: james, the 40-year-old who lives and breathes music, but has a loving family, kids and is no longer an alcoholic.

retard trying to capitalise on the image: fred, the 24-year-old wannabee metalhead who thinks korn are heavy, and believes that rap has a place in metal.
by prolific dowloader November 23, 2004
ktulu(chtulu) was the monster featuring in HP Lovecraft's 'the call of chtulu', after which a metallica instrumental was named.
Jaymz: what shall we call our great new instrumental cliff?

cliff: how about calling it after this kickass book, the call of cthulu?

jaymz: hell yeh
by prolific dowloader November 23, 2004
a good dream, pity about the fact that the amount of vetoes that have been passed by the USA to any resolutions they dont like/criticizing israel has rendered it useless
the un: great ambition, cruelly betrayed.
by prolific dowloader November 23, 2004

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