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Thoroughly renouncing one's singleness and sense of fun and liveliness upon getting married, almost to the point of parody. Usually involves not making any plans for a weekend other than housework, yardwork, or schlepping kids to random events like soccer. See also: pussy whipped.
He is so overmarried, the most exciting part of his weekend is shopping at Costco on a Friday night instead of blowing it off and going to a titty bar.
by prolefeed September 18, 2010
"Your Fucking Caps Lock is On" Used to online bitchslap people, generally of an IQ approaching room temperature, who type shite in all caps because they think it makes their argument more persuasive to do the equivalent of shouting online.

Response: "I offer a rare and not commonly known service.

It's called YFCLO. I surf the internet to warn people when YOUR FUCKING CAPS LOCK IS ON.

Yer welcome.

Oh, and STFU."
by prolefeed November 14, 2009
Friend of Barack (Obama).

(In the 90s: Friend of Bill)
That FOB is a real SOB.
by prolefeed June 20, 2010
Obligatory Sex Scene -- the sex scene that Hollywood feels is almost de rigueur in any leftish non-G movie
The scene in "When Harry Met Sally" where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a restaurant is only a borderline OSS.

Punchline: "I'll have what she's having."
by prolefeed March 02, 2012

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