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A progressive conservative in approach to problem solving. A person who is progressive by recombining ideas that worked in the past into new ideas. Progressives generally want to try things that didn't work in the past, because, well, it wasn't them trying it, and they are way cooler than the last people. (Or they don't know it failed last time.) Conservatives generally like trying things that worked before but aren't smart or cool enough to make cool or clueless people understand or like the old idea.
Obama is slippin! He talked all progressive, but he's like some dang progervative.
by progervative January 25, 2009
Liberalism, or Progressivism, is a formalized system of personal risk denial. In the mind of a progressive almost all risk should be corporate, and no risk should be personal.
Daily freedoms must be controlled and the associate risks must be corporately managed to be efficiently remediated.

Conservatism believes exactly the opposite is true, but out of tradition, not dogma.
Liberalism means freedom from the tyranny of injustice!
by progervative February 19, 2009

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